Recipe Introduction

 Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Ceramic Enhanced Friction for superior comfort

Scorched to ensure excellent first stopping power

Stable and outstanding braking performance

Premium shims for noise control

No dust, less fade, better recovery

Pad life exceeding 70,000 KM

Asbestos free, environmental friendly


Semi-metallic Disc Brake Pads

Professional grade friction for excellent braking performance and better wear

Integrally molded or riveted based on OE attachment method for long life, less fade and better recovery

Employ shims, slots, chamfers and other refinements to reduce noise and vibration to ultimate quietness and secure performance 

Asbestos free, environmental friendly

 Heavy-duty Disc Brake Pads

Low-metallic friction performs to the high temperature and high speed needs,

High friction coefficient, less fade, better recovery and friendly to brake rotors

Asbestos free, environmental friendly

 Titanium Carbon Disc Brake Pads

Organic enhanced materials used

Very stable performance especially under high temperature

Long life, no dust, less fade, better recovery and excellent braking performance

Asbestos free, environmental friendly

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